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Bamboo River Junk

From sketches and models, a beached river Junk became a bamboo sized reality here. The design of this structure provides shade and a tactile experience, encouraging users to climb within the belly of the beast and to use the space freely (or take a nap on the bamboo day bed.)


It was our intention to create an intimate environment for people to engage with one another in, or just to observe their surroundings from a new perspective; cradled by the bamboo splits.


The brief for a bamboo tiny house was set to us by Gerrard Minikawa creator of Bamboo DNA. The challenge was to create a bamboo semi-permanent dwelling with a small team in a short period of time, using the bamboo surplus that was available.


Our aim was to create as little bamboo waste as possible by using standard lengths to minimize processing time. The limitations helped shape the economic and sustainable design as we developed the brief. 


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