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Hay Stook

Our latest work the Hay Stook was commissioned in part by Hasting Borough Council as part of an environmental, educational and arts program surrounding the opening of the  New Bale House visitor centre in Hasting Country Park (HCP). 


Our proposed site and focus was on the meadows that have been left to grow in the car park area and next to the new building along with a national movement to reintroduce wild meadow habitat to our public spaces. The sculptures represent a response to the ephemeral nature of the sessions of growth and harvest found in this act of meadow making that we are reengaging with. The first of three sculptures to be built over the course of the summer celebrates the blooming of meadow flowers such as the spotted orchid which has directly inspired the form and timing of this work.  The installation was installed next to the Bale Hose and people were invited to stoop and cruel within the artwork through low openings where they might feel like a visiting invertebrate.

Two more  hay stooks are made from the car park meadow grass that were cut via scythe In late august by the community. They  stand in the meadow to date, worn by each winter that passes.  The grass form slowly sinks  in contrast to the central bamboo pole that holds aloft a clay sculpture. Inspired by the finial tyle it also prevents water degrading the bamboo pole.   

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