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The Beacon 

A large scale temporary installation on the shingle beach of Rye Harbour Nature Reserve, The Beacon is a unique feat of engineering, combining the innovative use of stretch fabric and rigging techniques never previously used in the UK. We wanted to do more with less. Created with responsibly sourced bamboo, the beacon showcases the remarkable architectural potential of this renewable and potentially carbon neutral crop.


A temporary bamboo temple to the natural world, a metaphorical lighthouse for the fragile vessels and uncertain future out at sea. The Beacon also references a local plant found across the shingle banks of Rye Harbour- the Yellow Horned Poppy. Each of its delicate flowers only lasting a day. Serving as a symbol of hope and reunion, the beacon is envisaged as a temporary outdoor space for community and educational events, finally permissible after months of lockdown. 

Created by Bamboology for the Climate Art, A vanished Sea residency , with the support of AKT II, Sussex Wild Life Trust, Arts Council England, and Bridge Point Rye. 

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