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The Cocoon & Light Lab

The Cocoon is a 6m high interactive biophilic sculpture.   From the outside at night the peace will become a giant smoking bioluminescent chimney.  From the inside 10 people can comfortably sit protected by the cocoon membrane and hand bound bamboo geomitry. This green womb is a place for exploration and connection with others.  This year, Soundscape sessions, will take drop in participants from a jungle dawn chorus to the machine world before combining them both audibly and visually into one constellation. Visually the central flood light will be transformed into a LIGHT LAB, or petri dish table for an array of carefully selected sculptural objects that will be laid out in courses for participants to combine with the audible story. It is designed to encourage debate and playfulness among the participants around the definitions and boundaries of sound and light, nature and machine. 

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